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Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) works globally to change how water is managed and valued. SIWI operates worldwide with projects related to water management, policy, and research.

Previously, SIWI had 18 different websites for various projects, which was costly and communicatively challenging for SIWI to reach out. At the same time, several smaller projects did not have any websites at all.

We have now collected all websites in one place – as a portal not only for the entire organization and all of their priority areas but also several microsites for SIWI’s various projects.


Working with Björn and Tobias has been a rewarding, creative, and structured process. With patience, pedagogy, and a positive and solution-oriented attitude, they have guided us through our diverse requirements, complex decision-making processes, and financial constraints, delivering a solution within full time and cost control.

We have received a website that we and our visitors are very satisfied with. For our employees, it is a flexible tool that makes it easy and efficient to create good communication.

Hernika Thomasson Communications Manager

A fast experience - Headless CMS

We wanted to create a fast experience for visitors as well as an architecture that enables SIWI to easily grow and further develop their website. Therefore, we developed the website based on the concept of Headless, where we use React and NextJs in the front-end and WordPress as the CMS.

Functionality and integrations on the website

The most important part of the website was, of course, the handling of articles. There was a lot of underlying logic that now controls where the articles are displayed on the web and with what appearance, all depending on the category and placement.

A website consisting of several microsites

Result was a new comprehensive digital platform that serves as both a secure source of information about WWW’s work nationally and internationally, and creates the financial prerequisites required to achieve WWW’s established goals.