Project management, concept and UX design in Sweden, development in Nepal.

Feel free to call us idealists
UX specialists
Tech enthusiasts

Call us all of this, and of course, you are right.

It’s also accurate to say that we aspire to make the world a better place, and we achieve this through digital solutions. Our work often yields an app, website, or other digital platform that addresses various societal issues. For example, we focus on improving mental health for young people, promoting popular education, and supporting sustainable tourism.

Always with you in the mind.
Always guided by your business idea.
Always together.

We are a web agency with offices in Stockholm and Kathmandu.
We are Tulips.
We create digital solutions with heart.

We are the team!

Björn SöderbergCEO / Tech-lead,

Björn founded WebSearch in 2005 with the goal of keeping young talents in the country. He lives most of the year in Nepal and leads the development team on site in Kathmandu.

Björn founded the web agency Dynamic Media in Växjö during the boom of the 90s and has since built several different companies in IT and Sustainability.

He is also known for his work with global sustainability issues and was awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2012.

Tobias StrolloUX designer,

Tobias is a Senior Graphic Designer, behavioral scientist, and UX designer, with a focus on dialogue and digital communication. He leads creative workshops with clients, creates wireframes, prototypes, and interfaces.

Tobias holds workshops on content and structure, focusing on digital design and user interfaces. He also has a strong passion for sustainability, inclusion, and diversity.

Tobias’ greatest strength is making complex systems easy to use and always keeping the user in focus.

The development team in Kathmandu

Our development team is composed of skilled programmers, testers, and project managers, who specialize in PHP, Dot.Net, App development, Front-end, React, Node.js, SQL, and WordPress.

We have honed our collaborative model over the years, enabling us to work efficiently between Sweden and Nepal, resulting in a high-quality development job at a competitive cost. Our rates are not the cheapest nor the most expensive, but we strive to provide affordable, reasonable, and fair prices for our clients.

The company was founded with the goal of keeping young talents in the home country (Nepal) to counteract brain-drain.

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