Digital tool for dialogue between civil society and the government


NOD - National Organ for Dialogue and Consultation between the Government and Civil Society


Societal information / Data Crawling / Website / Wordpress / PHP / Workshops / User research / Graphic design /

NOD covers all policy areas and works to facilitate meetings. When NOD helps the government to create referral lists, they need a fast and smooth tool to search through all civil society organizations.

We built NOD’s new website, and in close dialogue with NOD, developed a tool where NOD can quickly filter and sort through all 40,556 non-profit associations and organizations.

Tobias and Björn translate our wishes into safe, creative workshops and guide us through discussions to develop well-functioning web solutions. This is the second time we have hired Strollo & Co for a website. They see potential and opportunities that we otherwise miss and strengthen the process all the way.

The work runs efficiently and smoothly and leads to nice, user-friendly and good websites that are easy for us to update. We are very satisfied and will undoubtedly continue to hire Strollo & Co.

Ekim Caglar Communication Manager

Lightning-fast search with data from Statistics Sweden

NOD spans all policy areas and works to facilitate meetings. When NOD helps the government produce referral lists, they need a quick and flexible tool to search among all civil society organizations.

We developed a tailor-made tool where NOD can search a database with all of Sweden’s voluntary organizations at lightning speed. The data comes from Statistics Norway and is combined with NOD’s expert knowledge of civil society.

Website that informs

The website was developed in close dialogue with NOD where, through a series of workshops, we produced a very simple website with the user at the center.

The strategic work focused a lot on simplifying, reducing and making a complicated business easy to understand.