We are a socially responsible IT outsourcing company working in the latest technologies with main customer base in Sweden. Our top priority is to work in the projects with positive social impact. Our team of experts love to work in contemporary technologies which poses lot of challenges. 

We are highly focused on high-end web development, mobile apps and web applications. It has all been successful due to our dedicated team who are talented, challenge-lovers, and on top of that who keep customers’ needs in the highest priority.

  • team of 35 people focusing on software development, app development, graphic designing and other IT works.
  • worked with 100s of customers in different technologies
  • developed 100s of websites, developed several iPhone and android apps, worked in graphic designing in 10,000s of images
  • working (since 2008) in different IT projects of Swedish and global Organizations such as
    • Johnson & Johnson, jjcct.org (website development)
    • GSK, android and iPhone app for vaccination
    • University Management System for ULK, top ranked Rwanda’s private university
    • Graphic designing works for hm.com
    • Suzuki, mobile web http://m.suzuki.se
    • SIWI, World Water Week, website for managing schedule of world water week
  • implemented attendance system in more than thousand companies
  • implemented attendance system in Prime Minister Office in Nepal
  • launched gharbazar.com,  top real estate site of Nepal