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Tulips Technologies aims to develop products that change the way people work and help achieve the target by substantial improvement in the performance. The increment in speed of getting the information from the application is the key focus of our products. Further, participative application where different stakeholders such as managers, employees, customers can interact is the primary feature of our products.

Currently, we have:


  • eAttendance System

    Eattendance System is useful for employee attendance, leave management and payroll.
    - Supports Fingerprint Biometrics, Proximity Card, Password and Facial Recognition System
    - Supports Multiple Shifts with Duty Roster
    - Monthly & Daily Attendance Report
    - Online Leave Application and approval
    - Free Edition is also available, along with SME, Business and Enterprise Edition
    The application is available in English, Russian, Nepali and Chinese Language. For Demo Version username and password, please contact us.

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